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U-shape Silicon-carbide Rod

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Product Description

U-shape Silicon-carbide Rod

Dimensioning Method: d/e/m/E
d (mm): Outer diameter of the hot zone
D (mm): Outer diameter of the butt end
e (mm): Hot zone length
m (mm): End length
L (mm): Full length of the rod
E (mm): Center distance
Applicable Industry and Notes for U-shape Silicon-carbide Rods
U-shape Silicon-carbide Rods are composed of two Equal Diameter Silicon-carbide Rods which use the same cold end. With this kind of rods, the power cord can be connected to just one end of the furnace. The hot zone surface temperature of these rods can reach 1500℃. They are mainly used in furnaces with high temperature and high requirements of furnace temperature uniformity. Features of U-shape Silicon-carbide Rods include power saving and long service life.


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